Stickman madness

blow some heads off!
Flash-based Stickman Madness is a shooting game with lots of blood and gory animation that has just taken the Grand Master Flash award at the Golden Joystick 2008 Awards.

Stickman Madness is a game of “black dots on sticks” shooting at you from all angles, it's like a book of burnt matches that have gone insane. A couple of bad stick men have overrun a restaurant and have taken your colleague as a hostage. You are here to rescue him. Your aim in this first person shoot em up is to kill all the dangerous enemies that come your way. If you give them too much time, you will get shot and lose energy, so quick reactions are key in this game.

Stickman Madness Instructions: Have fun, aim and shoot with your mouse, to reload use your spacebar. A tip would be to reload while moving and try to memorize the enemy positions. Go for headshots in this cool fast paced stickman-style shooter game!
Golden joystick! winner